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San Simeon Tide Charts

San Simeon Tides

Daily Tides & Monthly Tide Charts

San Simeon

Sunday, July 14, 2024

Sunrise at 6:00am - - Sunset at 8:20pm

Moonrise at 12:35am - - Moonset at 2:15pm

  • Time
  • Height
  • 12:01 am
  • 1.87
  • Low
  • 5:23 am
  • 2.89
  • High
  • 10:18 am
  • 2.06
  • Low
  • 5:31 pm
  • 4.84
  • High

Knowing San Simeon Tides

Brief Background of San Simeon

San Simeon is a quaint, beautiful town located on the Pacific coast of California. Known for its stunning coastline, it is a place of interest for both locals and tourists alike. But beyond its captivating scenery, San Simeon is home to a fascinating natural phenomenon: its tides.

Significance of Tides in San Simeon

Understanding tides is crucial for many activities in San Simeon, from sailing and fishing to wildlife observation. With the tide’s ebb and flow, the coastal scenery transforms, offering different experiences for its visitors and inhabitants.

Understanding Tides

How Tides Work

Tides are essentially long-period waves that roll around the planet as the ocean is pulled by the moon’s gravitational force. They rise and fall along the shore, an eternal dance between the Earth and its celestial partner. It’s like a planetary breath, in and out, two times a day.

Factors Affecting Tides

Various factors can influence tides, including the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun, the rotation of the Earth, and the Earth’s position in its elliptical orbit. Even aspects like the shape of the coastline and the depth of the sea floor play a role in determining the tide’s nature and intensity.

San Simeon Tides

Specific Features of San Simeon Tides

San Simeon tides are particularly intriguing due to the town’s unique geographical location and diverse marine ecosystem. The tide variations can be pretty noticeable, creating a dynamic environment teeming with life.

Predicting Tides in San Simeon

The prediction of tides is a science as old as navigation itself. In San Simeon, tide predictions are made through a combination of long-term observations, mathematical models, and scientific understanding of the celestial mechanics.

Impact of San Simeon Tides

Impact on Marine Life

The tides in San Simeon have a significant impact on the local marine ecosystem. The intertidal zones, areas exposed to air at low tide and underwater at high tide, are bursting with life, harboring diverse species of flora and fauna.

Impact on Tourism

Tides also play a crucial role in tourism. Many tourists plan their trips around the tide schedule to engage in various activities such as tide pooling, beachcombing, or simply to witness the fascinating transformation of the coastline during low and high tides.

Impact on Local Economy

The local economy greatly benefits from the natural phenomenon of tides. Fishing, an important industry in San Simeon, is closely linked to the tidal schedule. Furthermore, the influx of tourists attracted by the tides also contributes significantly to the economy.

San Simeon Tide Tables

Importance of Tide Tables

Tide tables, which predict the amplitude (the height of the tide) and the time of high and low tides, are incredibly valuable tools. They assist locals and visitors in planning their activities and ensure the safety of maritime ventures.

How to Read Tide Tables

Tide tables can seem a bit complicated at first glance, but once you understand the key elements—date, time of high and low tides, and the height of the tide—it becomes much simpler.

Where to Find San Simeon Tide Tables

San Simeon tide tables are available online and in local marinas, fishing stores, and sometimes even in local newspapers. These sources are updated regularly to provide accurate and up-to-date information.


Understanding San Simeon tides not only enhances the experience of visitors but also aids the locals in their daily life. It impacts the town’s economy, affects the rich marine biodiversity, and even shapes the unique culture of San Simeon. By acquainting oneself with San Simeon’s tides, we appreciate and respect the delicate balance between humans and nature.


  1. How many high tides does San Simeon experience per day?

San Simeon usually experiences two high tides per day, similar to most places on Earth.

  1. What is the best time to visit San Simeon for tide pooling?

The best time for tide pooling in San Simeon is during the low tides, especially during spring tides when the difference between high and low tide is the most pronounced.

  1. How accurate are tide tables?

Tide tables are generally accurate, but they can’t account for meteorological changes, such as storms, which can influence tides.

  1. Do the tides in San Simeon affect the local wildlife?

Yes, the tides greatly influence local marine and terrestrial wildlife. Many species have adapted their behavior according to the tidal schedule.

  1. What are the safety precautions to take when exploring tide pools in San Simeon?

Always check the tide schedule before heading out, avoid slippery rocks, and refrain from disturbing or removing wildlife from their natural habitat.

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